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Duct Temp Sensor NTC10k 50x6

Duct Temp Sensor NTC10k 50x6

Item #: 01DT-5LH
Brand: Belimo
Supplier Part #: 01DT-5LH

Duct Temp Sensor NTC10k 50x6 Duct / Immersion temperature sensor passive, NTC10k2 Probe length 2" [50 mm], probe diameter 0.24" [6 mm] NEMA 4X
Duct Temp Sensor NTC10kP 450x6

Duct Temp Sensor NTC10kP 450x6

Item #: 01DT-5MT
Brand: Belimo
Supplier Part #: 01DT-5MT

Duct Temp Sensor NTC10kP 450x6 Duct / Immersion temperature sensor passive, NTC10k3 Probe length 18" [450 mm], probe diameter 0.24" [6 mm] NEMA 4X
Contact Temp Sensor PT1000 2m

Contact Temp Sensor PT1000 2m

Item #: 01ST-5B3
Brand: Belimo
Supplier Part #: 01ST-5B3

Contact Temp Sensor PT1000 2m Strap-on temperature sensor passive, PT1000 Plenum cable 6 ft [2 m] NEMA 4X
Outside Temp Sensor Ni891

Outside Temp Sensor Ni891

Item #: 01UT-5E
Brand: Belimo
Supplier Part #: 01UT-5E

Outside Temp Sensor Ni891 Outdoor temperatur sensor passive, Ni1000 (JCI) NEMA 4X
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