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Choosing the Right Valve for Optimal Performance

ball vs globe valve

Ball Valves vs Globe Valves

Selecting the right valve is crucial for achieving optimal performance in diverse applications.

Globe Valves:
Globe valves have been the industry standard for control valves. 

Operating with a stem that regulates flow by moving up and down, these valves are commonly employed in applications such as hot and chilled water coils. Larger globe valves are often utilized for controlling flow to chillers. However, it's essential to note that their close-off rating may be a limitation, particularly in larger sizes.

Ball Valves:
In contrast, ball valves utilize a ball within the valve body. The ball, featuring a hole through the middle, allows flow when aligned with both ends. A simple 90-degree turn closes the valve, effectively blocking flow. 

Ball valves are known for their durability, offering excellent shutoff even after prolonged use, making them the preferred choice for shutoff applications. With modern ball valve designs, ball vales have also become an excellent choice for proportional control.

Key Differences Between Globe Valves and Ball Valves

Globe Valves:
  • Well-suited for regulating flow.
  • Historically the industry standard for control valves.
  • Commonly employed in hot and chilled water applications.
  • Limitation in close-off rating, especially in larger sizes.

Ball Valves:
  • Ideal for precise on/off control without pressure drop.
  • Demonstrates excellent shutoff durability even after extended use.
  • Preferred for shutoff applications over globe valves.
  • Modern ball valves allow for excellent proportional control.

Understanding the distinct characteristics and limitations of globe and ball valves is crucial for making an informed decision. Whether you're focused on regulating flow or achieving perfect shutoff, Stromquist provides a complete line of valves to meet your unique needs. Explore our comprehensive valve solutions today!

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