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Safe & Efficient Buildings with Belimo Gas Monitoring Devices

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Belimo's Gas Monitoring Devices: The Future of Ventilation Control

Gas monitoring devices are at the forefront of ensuring building safety and energy efficiency. Belimo's innovative gas monitor devices are equipped with an intelligent peer-to-peer communication protocol and are reshaping the way we approach ventilation control in various building scenarios.

Enhancing Ventilation Control
Belimo's gas monitoring devices offer flexibility in configuring and installing complete ventilation control systems. Whether you need just one monitor or dozens operating in multiple ventilation zones, their peer-to-peer communication protocol streamlines the process, providing an intelligent solution for efficient ventilation control.
Gas monitor parking garage

Gas Monitoring Where You Need It

In the pursuit of a safe and clean environment while managing energy costs, Belimo's gas monitors prove invaluable. Especially in spaces like parking garages with potential exposure to diesel-powered vehicles, carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide gas monitors provide precise and reliable exhaust ventilation control. 

Belimo's modular design combines both sensors in one device, effectively measuring emissions and ensuring heated or air-conditioned air is exhausted only when necessary.

Benefits for Building Stakeholders

Belimo's gas monitors cater to a range of building stakeholders, each with unique concerns:

Consulting Engineers: For those designing efficient HVAC systems, Belimo's gas monitors simplify field calibration and offer long-term, reliable measurements, aiding compliance with energy and safety codes.

System Integrators: Professionals responsible for system cohesion benefit from Belimo's gas monitors' ease of calibration and seamless integration into Building Management Systems through BACnet MS/TP and CAN bus networks.

Contractors & Distributors: Quick installation and troubleshooting are key for this group, and Belimo's gas monitors deliver with their housing design. They enable direct ventilation control and streamlined communication with up to 32 devices.

Building Owners: Optimizing building performance and preserving capital budgets are paramount. Belimo's gas monitors provide fast and accurate measurement, easy integration into BMS via BACnet MS/TP cable, and a slim design for a seamless fit into any building.

Facility Managers: Focused on combating expensive problems, facility managers benefit from Belimo's gas monitors' rugged enclosure, stand-alone operation, and simplified calibration procedures using calibrated gas bottle mixtures.

Belimo's gas monitoring devices represent a paradigm shift in the world of building safety and efficiency. From consulting engineers to facility managers, these devices offer tailored solutions for a wide range of stakeholders, ensuring precise control and a safer, more energy-efficient environment for all. Explore the possibilities that Belimo's gas monitors bring to your next project and join the revolution in building control.


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