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Wireless MS/TP Converter - New MAP Gateway

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CWCVT - New MAP for FX

The Connected Workflow Wireless MS/TP Converter (CWCVT) functions as a communications converter by establishing a temporary wireless connection between equipment controllers that support the BACnet® MS/TP protocol and a host device such as a laptop or mobile phone. By utilizing the CWCVT and the host device application, users can access controllers connected to the MS/TP trunk, download applications, commission the equipment, and view basic diagnostic statistics.

To connect with mobile devices running the Connected Workflow application (CWa), the CWCVT is designed to support a Bluetooth® wireless connection with iOS® and Android™ operating systems. Additionally, for Windows® computers using Johnson Controls® BAS tools such as the Controller Configuration Tool (CCT), System Configuration Tool (SCT), or Applications and Parameter Loading Tool (APLT), the CWCVT also supports a Wi-Fi connection.
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