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JACE 9000 is Coming Soon!

JACE 9000

JACE for Niagara 4

When it comes to device connectivity and management, the JACE® Controller stands out as a game-changing solution designed exclusively for Niagara 4*. Let's highlight the key attributes of this controller, emphasizing its seamless integration, enhanced performance, and efficient design.

Tailored for Niagara 4

The JACE Controller is purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with Niagara 4*, a renowned framework known for its HTML5 views, advanced charting, and data visualization capabilities. By harnessing these strengths, the JACE Controller elevates the user experience. Robust security features and advanced device management ensure a secure and efficient network.

What sets the JACE Controller apart is its simplicity. Setup is straightforward, and tool-free installation makes integration cost-effective and hassle-free. It boasts high-performance capabilities, delivering efficiency and responsiveness. This controller is designed to meet both current and future demands, making it a game-changer in global device connectivity and control.

Enhanced Performance

With a Quad-Core processor, double storage, and increased RAM capacity, the JACE Controller excels in performance. Expect lightning-fast boot-up and station load times. Upgrading from older models is effortless, thanks to identical footprints and compatibility with existing expansion models. You can also order it without the wireless interface to suit various preferences and requirements.


Efficient Global Design

Efficiency defines the JACE Controller's design philosophy. It optimizes Niagara 4's strengths, offering a pure web interface rooted in HTML5, responsive navigation, advanced charting, and data visualization. A unified design language ensures consistency, while enhanced reporting capabilities provide valuable insights into network performance.

In conclusion, the JACE® Controller is a powerful addition to the world of device connectivity and control. Tailored for Niagara 4*, it leverages the framework's strengths to provide an unparalleled user experience. With robust security, enhanced performance, and an efficient design, the JACE Controller empowers businesses and organizations to excel in an increasingly connected world. Embrace the future of technology with the JACE Controller and unlock a world of possibilities.

*Supported running Niagara Framework® 4.13+.


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