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The RIB® Trifecta

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Functional Devices, Inc. offers an extensive range of RIB® products suitable for various projects. These products are conveniently prepackaged, saving installers valuable time, effort, and money that would otherwise be spent on purchasing individual components and assembling them on-site. The RIB® TRIFECTA comprises three essential elements: Relays, Current Sensors, and Power Supplies.

Stromquist & Company can help you with design , selection, or troubleshooting on any of your RIB relays, current sensors, or power supplies. 

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Most of their relays have inductive, resistive, motor, ballast, and tungsten ratings. The coil of many can be powered by more than one voltage. An externally visible LED indicates the status of the coil of the relay. The (Closed-Open-Auto) override switch, available on certain models, is a true override switch located on the load side of the relay.

Current Sensors

Solid and split core models feature a wire clamp that ensures proper positioning along the load wire. The low voltage wiring compartment of the T Style eliminates the need for a junction box. Models are available enclosed and track mountable.

Current sensors are also available with an internal 10 or 20 Amp relay. A 10 Amp relay can be used to activate an external load, and currents up to 150 Amps can be sensed. Other units control and sense up to 20 Amp loads, without the use of an external current ring, greatly reducing installation time. Models are available with fixed or adjustable setpoints, with voltage outputs or 4-20 mA regulation.

Power Supplies

Most of their general purpose power supplies are UL Listed and CE Approved. They can be used to fulfill all the 120 Vac, 24 Vac (Class 2), and 24 Vdc power requirements needed inside a building automation (BAS) panel.

They are equipped with on/off control, equipment overcurrent protection, power indication, high/low voltage separation, and convenience outlets. They range in power output from 40 VA to 500 VA for the A/C outputs and 300 mA to 1 Amp for the D/C outputs.


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