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Unlock the Potential of Your Building: Honeywell Optimizer

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What Can Your Building Do?

In a world prioritizing sustainability and cost-efficiency, the Honeywell Optimizer Suite stands out. This suite of building controllers offers convenience, compatibility, and top-tier cybersecurity, addressing today's property management challenges.

Revolutionizing Control for Efficiency
The Honeywell Optimizer Suite redefines building management, enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint and lower operational costs significantly.

Robust Cybersecurity
In an interconnected landscape, security is paramount. The Optimizer Suite ensures your Operational Technologies (OT) are as secure as your IT network, eliminating concerns about system vulnerabilities.

Effortless Compatibility
Upgrade without disruption. The suite employs innovative twisted pair T1L technology for seamless HVAC data transfer, avoiding the need for costly infrastructure upgrades. Embrace the future of IP control without replacing existing systems.

Unbeatable Convenience
Installation, commissioning, and maintenance have never been easier. User-friendly mobile apps streamline processes, and color-coded screw terminals simplify identification and placement adjustments without wire disconnection. Convenience and efficiency converge in the Honeywell Optimizer Suite.

Meet the Controllers

The Optimizer Suite offers a range of controllers to cater to diverse building needs:

Optimizer Unitary Controller:
Place internet-based unitary control at the core of your building's operational strategy, even if you have legacy infrastructure.
Optimizer Advanced Controller:
For those seeking more sophisticated insights and greater flexibility in building controls, this controller is designed with security in mind to protect your building portfolio from cyber threats.

Optimizer VAV Controller:
If you're looking to retrofit prior Honeywell models, this controller is your go-to solution. With color-coded screw terminals and the flexibility to swap placements without disconnecting wires, it's a convenient choice for upgrading your building control system.


In conclusion, the Honeywell Optimizer Suite is a leap forward in building control technology. It not only streamlines operations but also enhances security, compatibility, and convenience.

It's time to unlock the full potential of your building – are you ready to embrace the future of property management?


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