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Building Automation and IoT Unite

Power of IoT in Building Automation

The Power of IoT in Building Automation

The buzz surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT) is unmistakable. We're on the brink of a new era of connectivity, with IoT to lead the change. At its essence, IoT extends the connectivity we enjoy as humans to inanimate objects, whether that's machines, buildings, or anything in between.

This transformation is made possible by establishing "smarts" – sensors paired with communication capabilities – into the very fabric of our physical world.

Thanks to advancements in sensor technology and communication protocols, automating machine-to-machine interactions has become both economically feasible and practical. While IoT gains attention, it's essentially a natural development of what's been happening in the building automation industry for decades.

Buildings have been evolving into smarter entities, with technologies like room temperature sensors communicating with controllers to adjust ventilation systems. However, the next phase of building automation, influenced by IoT, promises an expanded scope and scale.

In the future, simply monitoring room temperatures won't be enough. Buildings will transform into interconnected ecosystems, with sensors overseeing and managing every aspect of their operations. From optimizing lighting based on natural light levels to managing energy consumption at a granular level, the potential for automation is extensive. These advancements will not only drive down operational costs but also enhance comfort, safety, and usability for building occupants.

IoT is set to revolutionize the scale of building automation. Buildings will no longer operate in isolation but will become integral parts of larger energy ecosystems. Picture a building automation system working hand-in-hand with a smart meter to decide whether to consume generated energy or sell it back to the grid – that's the power of IoT in action.

Building Automation with IoT

IoT presents numerous possibilities for the world of building automation. Evolving alongside these trends and providing customers with solutions and support as we embrace the era of interconnected things is our goal at Stromquist. Join us as we take the exciting path of connecting building automation and Internet of Things.


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