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Phoenix Contact ILC 2050 BI Controller

Exploring the ILC 2050 BI Controller with Niagara Framework

Discover the capabilities of the ILC 2050 BI industrial Niagara controller in building automation. With I/O modularity, integrated security, and flexible licensing, this post explores the controller's IoT strength through the robust Niagara Framework®.

I/O Modularity and Security
With modular I/O components, the ILC 2050 BI simplifies automation station setup for diverse tasks in building infrastructure and energy management.

Niagara 4 Framework for Robust Control
Experience high-speed control in critical applications with the Niagara 4 Framework. Jordyn Dahlke highlights its optimized Niagara framework in a video, emphasizing robust hardware in a compact design.

Easy Programming
Simplify programming with a graphical build-up of control functions using ready-to-use blocks.

Seamless Integration
Supporting key communication protocols, the controller ensures seamless integration, including IoT protocols like MQTT and OPC UA.

Flexible Licensing
License options range from basic (100 data points) to extended (up to 10,000), with additional driver licenses and maintenance plans for added functionality.

Server-Based Automation Station
The supervisor streamlines central logging, data aggregation, and alarm management across ILC 2050 BI controllers, simplifying visualizations and control tasks.

ILC 2050 Controller

Explore the future of building automation with the ILC 2050 BI controller. 

Its modularity, robust control, and seamless integration make it a top choice for diverse applications in building infrastructure, energy management, and beyond. 

Empower your IoT solutions with ease using the innovative features of the ILC 2050 BI.


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